All You Need to Know About Shih Poo Breed

Shih Poo dog also called a Shoodle, is an extremely fun pet to have. It’s a designer variety, but one that’s immensely energetic and always on the go.

Its passionate way of living life would keep its owners on their toes as well. Get ready for running around, getting a lot of healthy exercises, and having the time of your life if you mean to adopt this bundle of craziness!

Shih Poo is a mixture of Toy Poodle and Shih Tzu, making for an excellent choice in the case of apartment-living families or those with backyards. It’s a highly versatile animal that can adapt itself to several kinds of living setups.

With this little dog in the vicinity, everyone is sure to cheer up at his antics. This breed has an immensely charismatic personality and can win over even the coldest, hardest heart. Want to know more about this adorable animal? Read on for the details!shih poo dog poodle mixes

Origin of Shih Poo

The origin of this breed was in the United States of America. Since pet allergies have become more of an issue in recent years, hypoallergenic breeds were becoming a serious concept. The Shih Poo came about as a result of these breeding trials. By crossing the toy poodle and the Shih Tzu, the main aim was to have a dog tiny enough to fit on a lap and carry around town.

In fact, poodle crosses are among the most popular kinds of designer dogs. They’re hardy enough to withstand many diseases, not being subject to the weakening of inner breeding. The Shih Poo is one of the relatively newer ones available, but it’s believed to become highly popular very soon.

Shih Poo Pedigree

brown shih poo dog pedigreeFor now, the average Shih Poo probably came from a crossbreed among two purebred dogs of each kind. For the future, Shih Poo breeders plan to use multi generational dogs in their breeding programs. This would make the breeding process a bit more strict and also help in developing a strong new strain of purebreds.

Shih Poo Diet

Shih Poos are a bit exacting when it comes to the food they should eat. For the most part, they need a very high quality of dry dog food. This is because most animals in this crossbreed are subject to dental issues, hence the dry kibble. The dental matters include tooth loss at a premature age, so we have to take special care with their food right away.

Dry dog food is instrumental in helping Shih Poos retain their teeth for as long as possible. This sort of diet also helps with controlling bad breath, gum disease, and caries.

The owners of a Shih Poo should be careful about its propensity towards overeating. A high level of monitoring is necessary in order to make sure the dog’s caloric intake doesn’t affect his health or general well-being.

Shih Poo Appearance

shih poo dog sitting on chair
Appearance of a Shih Poo is quite distinctive, so you can check out these qualities before making a decision. Their coats come in a range of colors, including sable, cream, red, black and tan, white, apricot, and black. Their fur will either be short and curly like a poodle’s or long and straight like a Shih Tzu’s. However, a well-bred Shih Poo will have a luxurious and soft coat. Their hair would be nick, thick, and padded all over their bodies.

The tail of a Shih Poo will usually be plumed and curled over its back. The rest of their bodies will usually be compact, small, and very sturdy. They would have broad chests, leveled backs, muscled hindquarters, and short back legs with immensely strong thighs. The feet would be round, padded, and covered with hair too.

Life Span of Shih Poo

The estimated lifespan of a Shih Poo is unfortunately not very accurate. There isn’t much data on their lifespans since they’re quite a new form of crossbreed. As breeding processes develop and the new generations become hardier, this lifespan is expected to increase.

For now, though, most breeders estimate that the average Shih Poo lifespan is anywhere from 10-15 years. This is quite a decent expectation and in keeping with most dog breeds.

Shih-Poo Health Issues

As mentioned above, the Shih Poo can be expected to have quite a few dental issues. They may also have problems related to their eyes as well as their skin. As a breed, Shih Poos are vulnerable to patellar luxation, lung disorders, hypothyroidism, Intervertebral Disk Disease, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and renal dysplasia. A cleft palate is also among the many diagnoses this breed has undergone. Read More about Shih Poo Health

Shih Poo Temperament

shih poo emperament shoodle on beachThe usual temperament of a Shih Poo is a highly playful one. They love chasing balls, playing with toys, even dragging stuffed animals all over the place. Their playful and energetic nature is exactly what makes these dogs perfect for older children.

Kids who are well past the toddler age will have the energy to keep up with the Shih-Poo as well as understand how to handle it. The Shih Poo simply cannot tolerate its hair being pulled or any other kind of harsh treatment. If they’re left with a child who doesn’t know any better, this may be a dangerous situation for both the dog and the human.

Being cross breeds, Shih-Poos may also show varying changes in behavior when presented with strangers. Some may be extra affectionate and loving even towards people and dogs they don’t know. Others might become extremely reserved and shy in such cases. However, Shih Poos are generally loving towards their owners, enjoying a cuddle with them and expecting to sleep beside them at night.

One potentially annoying or endearing aspect of this crossbreed is that they love to bark. They like this activity solely for the purpose of hearing themselves. It could be a challenge to train them in quietness. However, this is a step that Shih-Poo owners cannot ignore. The barking could highly frustrate the owners and their neighbors as well!
Read More – Shih Poo Temperament

Full Grown Shih Poo

Shih Poo dogs were bred to be on the small size, so their dimensions and weights aren’t too much. They usually weigh between a range of 7-20 pounds. The range of their sizes and weights would depend on how large or heavy their parents were. However, the Shih-Poo is usually small enough to fit on a human’s lap. Its height at the withers may range from 8-13 inches.

Do Shih Poo Shed?

shih poo dog shedShih Poos do tend to shed, but their coat is on a low shedding level. They shed all year round, but slightly more in the seasons of spring and autumn. In these parts of the year, owners may have to pay more attention to grooming and regularly remove dead hair from the Shih Poo’s coat. Read more about Shih Poo Shed

Is Shih Poo Hypoallergenic?

This brings us to the hypoallergenic factor of the Shih Poo. While many may be under the misconception that designer dogs are less of an allergy problem, this is not true. Allergies aren’t really caused by the hair of animals, but the dander, or dead skin cells. These are shed by just about any animal under the sun, so there’s no shutting down allergies altogether. However, since this is a new kind of crossbreed, it may cause fewer allergies than more common kinds of dogs. Read More About Shih Poo Hypoallergenic

Cost of a Shih Poo

The cost incurred in adopting or buying a Shih Poo pup would include both its price and its upkeep. If you’re planning for a nice puppy with good breeding, you could be looking at a price tag of $600-$1000. It’s also recommended that you insure your dog since it’s susceptible to so many health issues. The cost of insurance would range from around $30 per month. If you want a lifetime policy, this amount could be higher.

Calculating the premium for a pet would mean taking into account the location, age of the dog, and whether they’ve been neutered/spayed or not. The vaccinations costs and their insurance factoring should also be included.

Food costs may also cost quite a bit since you can’t simply feed Shih Poos table scraps. Veterinary costs may be covered by insurance to a certain extent. With health checks, spaying or neutering, booster shots, and vaccinations, all the costs could total around $800 or more per year.

Finding a Shih Poo

If you’re interested in getting a Shih Poo for yourself, an elderly person, or the kids, there are several factors to keep in mind. Since this is an increasingly popular breed, you need to make sure you can afford one and also avoid the scams that have been cropping up around designer dogs.

You should never put any money down for a puppy you haven’t seem. Steer clear of online sellers; else you may simply be partying with your money without seeing so much as the Shih-Poo’s tail. Make sure you visit the dig, look at its documents, and check out its characteristics to assure yourself of the breed. Also make sure the dog has been de-wormed, microchipped, and spent some time with its mother before.

Choosing a Shih Poo Breeder

Since this dog is subject to a lot of breeding these days, you want to be wary of choosing a breeder who sells Shih Poos. Too many breeders are trying to get a Shih Poo bitch to breed and give birth without regard for her health or that of the puppies. According to the general guidelines, a dame should only have around 4 litters and fall into a proper age bracket.

You should hence always insist upon seeing the lineage paperwork as well as the vaccination and microchipping proof. Also steer clear of breeders who offer extremely small dogs. No decent breeder would breed any dog to become too tiny. Find More about Shih Poo Breeders

Adopting a Dog From a Shih Poo Rescue or Shelter

shih poo adopt rescue shelter
If you’re conscious about adopting your next (or first) dog from an animal shelter or rescue, you may still have the option of getting a Shih Poo. Such places definitely have these crossbreeds that are desperately in need of a home. Your best friend just might be waiting for you, so don’t believe all those myths surrounding rescues and shelters. Read More about – Adopt a Shih Poo

Any puppies found with rescue groups or in animal shelters are not at all inferior to those found in pet stores. All you need to do is make sure they’re de-wormed, or get those services done yourself. You should also be careful about getting their vaccinations done and have them chipped if possible.

If there are kids at home who would love a new puppy, adopting one from a shelter or rescue is the best and safest option. This is because a puppy bought from a breeder would likely never have known the outside world. They wouldn’t know how to fend for themselves in case they get lost or separated from their human families.

A puppy or dog in a shelter, on the other hand, is already a bit hardened and quite capable of taking care of themselves. What if you go on a trip and the dog runs off after being startled by a stranger or a car? It may take some time for them to find their way back to you safe and sound. However, you can be surer of a happy ending if you have a street-smart pup, to begin with.

When you go for the shelter or rescue option, keep an eye out for dogs that have been raised with families before. They may be there because their previous owners could no longer afford to take care of them, or some tragedy occurred. This would mean a higher chance of the Shih Poo being comfortable with humans, especially kids. Ask the rescue foundation if the dog is housebroken and good with children. They would be able to guide you best, making this a much safer choice for yourself as well.


Even though Shih Poo require a lot of effort and care, they’re absolutely worth it due to their energy and playfulness. Their nature is highly irresistible, and there’s no denying that they look really good with a nice family in charge!

The more care you lavish on a Shih Poo, the more it will give you back. You can be sure of an excellent pet when you go for this option, so be sure to consider it if you’re in the market for a lovely new canine companion.

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