Shih Poo Adoption/Rescue – Making him feel at home!

Have you recently adopted a Shihpoo? If yes, then you must know what behaviors they are likely to demonstrate and how to care for them once you bring them home to include them in the family. The following is a list of the different types of behaviors that your newly adopted or rescued pet is likely to display:Adopt a Shih Poo


Your dog has been kept in a shelter for quite some time, meaning that a new home, new faces and new surroundings will make it all the more nervous. It’s a behavior similar to what humans demonstrate when they are exposed to unfamiliar and new environments and cultures.

Shihpoos are generally friendly dogs but every dog behaves a little shy when he is introduced to a new owner post-adoption. This is the same case with rescued dogs. However, with rescued dogs, you might experience that they tend to be more anxious and may take a longer time to adapt to their environment.

However, these rescues will eventually adapt, all you need to do is allow them some time and space of their own, and they will certainly come around. Nervous and shy behaviors are commonplace with new adoptions and rescues.


The second type of behavior that you might confront with new adoptions and rescues is clinginess. This is most common with rescue dogs or dogs that have not received sufficient love. Entrapped into cages, the adopted shelter dogs may also be looking for love, so you will find them behaving too clingy.

After a certain time period, these dogs will begin trusting you as their own and will hope to stay close at all times. You might have them climbing into your beds at night just to be with you! So, if you feel your Shih poo is inseparable, let him enjoy that portion of love and care that he never really got.


shih poo dog adoptionFear is yet another common behavior that you might come across in your newly adopted or rescued Shih poo. These anxious little fluff balls may seem absolutely terrified by the new home, new people and even the new surfaces that he is made to walk on. But it’s all normal, and there is no need to be worried.

Lack of empathy and love leads to a feeling of isolation among these animals, and whenever somebody tried to get close, they fall into that same loop of fear. You might experience your dog getting afraid of sounds, other people and even from outdoor activity, but he needs time to adapt. Once he starts to feel loved, the fears will diminish and you’ll have a loving, energetic and playful Shih poo, a mere treat for the whole house!

Useful tips to make him feel comfortable

Now that you know how your newly adopted Shihpoo is likely to react to his new environment and family, here are a few useful tips that you can consider to make him feel welcomed and comfortable in his new home!shih poo dog adoption tips

1. Give some space

As previously mentioned, your Shih poo could feel threatened by the new environment and faces, so you must allow it sometime of his own to adjust. Don’t give him unnecessary attention if he seems reluctant to receive it. Allow him a private space of his own, where he may relax and think about all that is happening to him.

A fearful rescue will take some time before he gels in with the environment and family. Don’t worry, a little time is all it needs. Too much attention is only going to add to his fear and he could become stressed. Stress is not good for this designer breed!

2.Provide him with the basic necessities

Next, make sure to arrange all the basic necessities for him. This new member of the family needs clothes, shelter, food,and toys. It’s similar to having a new baby in the family, who not only wants your attention but requires other basic necessities of life too.

You need to provide your Shih poo with a structure such as a crate or a dog house to live inside. You need to get him a food bowl with his name on it, and other stuff that he requires. Settling in will require access to the basic amenities of life.

3.Introduce him to the family

adopt a shih poo dogWhen the time is appropriate, slowly introduce him to all family members. Animals, especially house pets use their nose to sniff a certain somebody and it’s their primal scent that they relate to. So, use a piece of clothing from each family member’s wardrobe and place it where your Shih poo lives.

This is how he will sniff each member through his or her respective scents. Just don’t rush with the introductions, adopted pets and rescues get easily scared of new people and faces.

4. Learn about him

It’s not just the dog that needs to learn about you, rather a responsibility that you both share. You must learn about your Shih poo’s personality and behavior traits because this way you can identify his likes and dislikes and use these to your advantage.

Spend time with it to learn about his preferences; what he enjoys most, where he feels most happy and what he likes to eat. All of this learning will help you establish a secure home for him with his most favorite things in it.

5.Train him

Once you notice him getting comfortable with the environment and the people around him, get started with the training sessions. Training your Shih poo to behave in a certain way indoors and outdoors is essential.

This applies to all adopted dogs and rescues. Keep training sessions short since Shih poos have a small attention span and start with the basics. Once it has aced the basics, you can move him to advanced learning.


We have listed down the likely behaviors that you’d expect from an adopted or rescued Shih poo and how to care for them, just make sure you follow each step and make them feel loved, secure and an important member of the family. These adopted dogs are out looking for love and friendship, and you can be a source of both for these truly amazing animals!

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