What You Should Know About The Shih Poo Temperament

Shih Poo dog is a crossbreed between a Shih-Tzu and a poodle. As a designer dog, normal Shih Poo temperament will incredibly cute, small enough to fit on your lap, and is sure to give you hours of fun! It’s one of the dogs that are being consciously bred to be less of an allergy risk than most other options.

However, before you rush to buy yourself a Shih Poo puppy, you should keep its expected Shih Poo in mind. Dogs are no less than humans when it comes to having their own personality, but the average Shih Poo would have some general personality characteristics that set it apart.
shih poo dog temperament
The average Shih Poo would look adorable in most cases, but is Shih Poo temperament right for you and your home environment? We’ll discuss the ins and outs of this breed’s personality below, so you’d know just what to look out for while choosing a Shih Poo companion:

Factors That Affect Shih Poo Temperament

Shih Poo temperament is influenced both by its inheritance and its environment, much like the nature versus nurture debate for humans. The mother of Shih Poo is more likely to affects its natural temperament, since an ideal puppy would have spent time with its parents before being adopted by humans. Both parents, however, could affect a shih poo’s temperament through genetics.

shih-poo-dog-play-sittingYour potential Shih Poo would also have its temperament affected by the kind of socialization they receive, especially early on in life. If it’s been subjected to a harsh tone and forceful training, for instance, these unfortunate circumstances may have made the puppy untrusting and wary of humans. It may also make them more violent and less likely to be safe around children.

However, since Shih Poo is a valuable and nurtured breed, it’s not likely that you’d find a puppy with such an unlucky upbringing. For the most part, Shih Poos would be friendly and engaging. We’ll discuss their generally expected characteristics below.

The General Expectation

In general, we may expect the average Shih Poo puppy or dog to be outgoing, friendly, and trusting. It’s a huge red flag if the parents of the puppy won’t let anyone approach it. The same is the case if a puppy is overly shy, unnecessarily aggressive, runs away when you approach, growl or are generally isolated from others. These are not normal elements in any dog you’re considering for a pet; so unless you’re an experienced trainer, such puppies or dogs wouldn’t be good options.
shih-poo shoodle temperament
As a rule, though, Shih Poo should be great company for any kind of owner. They’re extremely active and need a lot of exercise every day. You may find yourself getting more active as part of the bargain!

Interestingly, Shih Poo would be extremely active in a house with a huge backyard and in a tiny apartment too! They’d be tearing around regardless, and always want to play with their humans until they exhaust themselves.

The Perfect People for Shih Poo

Shih Poo choice is great for anyone who knows how to handle animals respectfully. This dog would give you all the loyalty and activity you desire but could turn violent if mistreated. Hence, it’s not recommended that you get a playful Shih Poo puppy if you have very young kids. They may pull the dog’s tail or mistreat him without knowing any better. The dog or the children themselves may come to harm as a result of such actions.

For older kids, Shih Poo is an amazing pet. It would keep them busy with all its playfulness, and reward them with its undying loyalty. Elderly people have also been known to immensely enjoy a Shih Poo to keep them active and social in their golden years. It’s like having a little child around again, which makes them feel more alive than ever before!
shih tzu poodle mix dog

Attitude Towards Strangers

The natural Shih Poo temperament when strangers are concerned would vary from dog to dog. For the most part, Shih Poo would be inviting and friendly towards any stranger their owner introduces them to. They could become friendly right away or be a bit shy and take their time in getting used to the new addition.

Since Shih Poo is quite yappy and alert, they even make for lightweight security dogs. They would yap and bark at any stranger that approaches without their owner’s consent, raising the alarm for the whole house or even the whole locality.

Shih Poo Training Methods

Shih Poo temperament would influence what kind of training is best for them. For a Shih Poo, the best kind of training is usually one that uses positive reinforcement. The rewards for a Shih Poo could be treats, playing, or praise. Usually, Shih Poo will do what it takes if they’re expecting some reward at the end of it.
shih poo dog poodle mixes
Shih Poo puppy would especially need a lot of training in order to become a proper pet dog. One major reason for this is that Shih Poos generally love hearing the sound of their own barking. If left untrained, they may cause a lot of frustration for you and complaints from your neighbors. It’s very lucky that Shih Poo puppies can start training from a very young age, as little as 8 weeks. A few more months and Shih Poo would have become headstrong, making it more difficult to deal with.

A puppy kindergarten or professional trainer is best in such circumstances. Since Shih Poos are generally inside dogs, extra care must be taken to make sure they socialize properly and don’t end up isolated.

It’s always recommended that you see Shih Poo you’re considering before you start the adoption process. See how the pup behaves with those around it. Pay special attention to the parents. Be sure to discuss your wants and needs in getting this dog with a qualified breeder in order to make the absolute right choice.
In conclusion, Shih Poo is a great choice if it meets your requirements. You’ll be sure to smile more, play more, and feel less lonely when you have this loving creature as a family member!

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